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September 11, 1803

Lewis takes the boats through the Long Reach of the Ohio River. Along the way, he sees many squirrels swimming across the river. He lets Seaman, his Newfoundland dog, capture several. Lewis finds them fat and tasty when fried.

observed a number of squirrels swiming the Ohio and universally passing from the W. to the East shore    I made my dog take as many each day as I had occation for, they wer fat and I thought them when fryed a pleasent food—

Meriwether Lewis
Eastern gray squirrel looking at the camera

September 11, 1804

The boats set out early and come across George Shannon who has been missing for the past 22 days. He had run out of bullets and ate nothing but grapes and one rabbit that he killed with a stick shot from his rifle.

George Shannon who had been absent with the horses 16 days joined the boat about one oclock. his bullets he Shot all away & he was with out any thing to eat for about 12 days except a fiew Grapes... He Shot a rabit with Sticks which he cut & put in his gun after his Balls were gone.

John Ordway
Thick decidious forest in the hills above the Missouri River

September 11, 1805

The Expedition spends most the day rounding up their horses. At 4pm, they follow a good Indian trail up Lolo Creek for 7 miles and encamp. Along the way, they see several scarred trees the Indians stripped to eat the inner bark.

a beautiful pleasant morning.

Joseph Whitehouse
Golden morning light on green trees and a shallow, clear creek

September 11, 1806

The Expedition waits for a passing storm before departing. They paddle 40 miles passing the Big Nemaha and Nodaway rivers. Clark comments on the howling wolves and barking coyotes and mentions that the pawpaw fruit is nearly ripe.

found pappaws and grapes in this bottom which is covred with cotten Honey Locus Seckamore timber &C. the rushes thick.

John Ordway
Four immature, green fruits hanging from a branch