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September 10, 1803

Lewis is afraid that the corporal his deserted, but is relieved when he appears with the bread he was tasked to bring. Setting out, they pass an ancient Indian mound near present Moundsville, West Virginia. They make 24 miles.

I landed on the east side of R, and went on shore to view a remarkable artificial mond of earth called by the people in this neighbourhood the Indian grave.

Meriwether Lewis
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

September 10, 1804

Under a gentle breeze, the Expedition makes 20 miles stopping about 6 miles before the present Snake Creek bridge crossing. Along the way, they collect fossilized bones from a plesiosaur, an aquatic dinosaur.

we landed and saw lying on the banks on the South side of the River, the Bones of a monstrous large Fish, the back bone of which measured, forty five feet long.

Joseph Whitehouse
Skeleten of a plesiosaurus dolichodeirus dinosaur

September 10, 1805

The horses rest at Travelers' Rest near present Lolo, Montana. While out hunting, Colter meets three Nez Perce and learns that their homeland has a navigable river that leads to the Pacific Ocean and that it is only six days away.

We found an immense quantities of these berries, which the Natives had lately gathered for food on their way to the Mesouri

Joseph Whitehouse
Small, round black cherries hanging from a branch

September 10, 1806

The Expedition sets out very early. In the afternoon, they meet 4 fur traders heading up the Missouri. They are told that Zebulon Pike is on an expedition exploring the southern Louisiana territory. Camp is near present Big Lake, Missouri.

at [blank] P M we met a Mr. Alexander La fass and three french men from St. Louis in a Small perogue on his way to the River Platt to trade with the Pania Luup or Wolf Indians. Mr. la frost informed us that Genl. Wilkinson and all the troops had decended the Mississippi and Mr. Pike and young Mr. Wilkinson had Set out on an expedition up the Arkansaw river or in that direction

William Clark
Old painting of Zebulon Pike