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September 1, 1803

After waiting for the fog to clear, the hired Captain steers the keelboat down the Ohio. The men push the boat over the first rapid. At the second rapid, the boat must also be unloaded. At the third rapid, oxen must drag the empty boat.

we passed the little horsetale ripple or riffle with much deficulty, all hands laboured in the water about two hours before we effected a passage; the next obstruction we met was the big-horse tale riffle, here we wer obliged to unload all our goods and lift the emty Boat over, about 5 OCock we reach the riffle called Woollery's trap, here after unloading again and exerting all our force we found it impracticable to get over, I therefore employed a man with a team of oxen with the assistance of which we at length got off

Meriwether Lewis
Snippet from a book used by Meriwether Lewis to help navigate the Ohio River

September 1, 1804

Just after departing, Pierre Dorion, retrieves a kettle and leaves the Expedition as an ambassador to the Sioux. After passing under White Bear Cliff, the Captains search for a large beaver den. Others catch several catfish.

pass Calumet Bluff of a yellowish read & a brownish white Hard clay, this Bluff is about 170 or 180 foot high here

William Clark
Historic photo of Calumet Bluff before the construction of Gavins Point Dam

September 1, 1805

The Expedition leaves the Lemhi Shoshone and travels 23 miles over high, rugged hills to reach the valley of the North Fork Salmon River. They gig 4 salmon, kill 1 deer, and find plenty of choke cherries, Oregon grape, and serviceberries.

we descended a mountain down in to a valley through which runs a large Creek

John Ordway
Small river thick with trees and steep, brown hills in the background

September 1, 1806

The men are called to arms when they suspect three Sioux are firing at the men in the rear canoe. They discover that the Indians are friendly Yankton Sioux firing at a discarded wooden keg. They camp above present Yankton, South Dakota.

at 9 A. M we passed the enterance of River Quiequur which had the Same appearance it had when we passed up water rapid and of a milky white Colour

William Clark
Large plains river with a large flood plain