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August 14, 1804

The Captains record celestial observations at Fish Camp, east of Homer, Nebraska. When looking for the Omaha, Ordway's group finds an abandoned village previously plagued by small pox.

we Set out at light, & walked along down the hills past the Graves. we Saw also a nomber of large holes in the Ground where they used to hide their peltry &C. in, when they went out hunting and when they returned they would dig it out again

John Ordway
Hills above Vermillion, South Dakota

August 14, 1805

Drouillard hunts with the Shoshoni and assesses the number and quality of their horses. Lewis seeks help from Cameahwait to bring the cargo over Lemhi pass. On the Beaverhead, Clark reprimands Charbonneau for striking Sacagawea.

We Encamped on the Lard Side near the place the river passes thro' the mountain. I checked our interpreter for Strikeing his woman at their Dinner.

William Clark
Rocky cliff and cottonwood trees

August 14, 1806

The Expedition arrives at the Mandan/Hidatsa villages where they had spent the winter of 1804-05. While Lewis recovers from his gunshot wound, Clark meets with several chiefs. Clark invites the Chiefs to join them on their journey home.

directed the Canoes to cross the river to a brook opposit where we Should be under the wind and in a plain where we would be Clear of musquetors

William Clark
Missouri plains and small river