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August 13, 1804

The Expedition passes old Fort Charles, a starting point for a previous exploration of the upper Missouri. They camp on a sand bar east of present Homer, Nebraska naming the camp Fish Camp. Men are sent to invite the Omaha to council.

I and 3 more of the party went out to the Village or to the place where it formely Stood. we passed through high Grass in the low prarie....which was verry fatigueing for the high Grass Sunflowers & thistles &C all of which were above 10 feet high, a great quantity of wild peas among those weeds, we broke our way through them till we came to where their had been a village of about 300 Cabbins called the Mahar village.

John Ordway
Tall grass prairie in full summer height

August 13, 1805

Lewis is warmly greeted at a camp of Shoshone. They continue to the Upper Lemhi village where they smoke the pipe with Chief Cameahwait. On the other side of the continental divide, Clark's men struggle to move the canoes up the Beaverhead.

the course of this river is a little to the North of west as far as I can discover it; and is bounded on each side by a range of high Mountains. tho' those on the E. side are lowest and more distant from the river.—

Meriwether Lewis
Green bottoms, barren hills, and mountains seen in the Lemhi Valley

August 13, 1806

The reunited Expedition sets out early. With a favorable tail wind and the Missouri River current to their back, they paddle 86 miles. They see abandoned Mandan or Hidatsa villages and camp northeast of present Riverdale, North Dakota.

all hands were on board and we Set out at Sunrize and proceeded on very well with a Stiff breeze astern the greater part of the day.

William Clark
Small creek running though barren, brown plains