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August 12, 1804

The men are tormented by mosquitoes during the night. During the day, they travel around an 18 mile long bend in the Missouri River that can be crossed by land in less than a mile. They camp near present Snyder Bend Park, Iowa.

We embarked and got under way before day light. The musketoes last night were worse than I ever experienced. We went round a bend, of eighteen miles, the neck of which was only 974 yards across

Patrick Gass
Keelboat, red pirogue, and white pirogue on the river bank

August 12, 1805

Lewis hikes over present Lemhi Pass leaving the headwaters of the Missouri and tasting the waters of the Columbia River. The men with Clark begin to complain about the labor required to move the canoes up the shallow Beaverhead River.

we proceeded on to the top of the dividing ridge from which I discovered immence ranges of high mountains still to the West of us with their tops partially covered with snow.

Meriwether Lewis
Rolling hill top with a view of jagged snow peaks behin

August 12, 1806

Lewis and Clark reunite near present Bear Den Creek, North Dakota. The men fire the blunderbusses and small arms in celebration. Clark is surprised to find Lewis lying in a pirogue with a gun shot wound. Stories are exchanged.

at 1 P. M. I overtook Capt. Clark and party and had the pleasure of finding them all well. as wrighting in my present situation is extreemly painfull to me I shall desist untill I recover and leave to my frind Capt. C. the continuation of our journal.

Meriwether Lewis
Small short-grass bluff looking over a wide river