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August 3, 1804

Most of the day is spent exchanging speeches, gifts, and knowledge with the Oto Indians at Council Bluff in present Nebraska. The Expedition leaves at 3pm, and travels six miles up the Missouri River.

after Brackfast we Collected those Indians under an orning of our Main Sail, in presence of our Party paraded & Delivered a long Speech to them expressive of our journey the wirkes of our Government, Some advice to them and Directions how They were to Conduct themselves

William Clark
1803 soldiers in blue coats and white pant

August 3, 1805

In search of the Shoshone, Lewis reaches a major fork in the Jefferson River near present Twin Bridges. Behind Lewis, Clark's group pulls the canoes against the current camping near Waterloo, Montana. Clark finds a fresh Indian track.

we have to double man the canoes and drag them over the Sholes and rapid places. we have to be in the water half of our time.

John Ordway
Painting of the men dragging canoes up the river

August 3, 1806

Lewis' group continues down the Missouri camping near present Fort Peck. Clark reaches the mouth of the Yellowstone. In his journal, he describes the potential of the Yellowstone valley for transportation and commerce.

I arrose early this morning and had the perogue and canoes loaded and set out at half after 6 A. M.

Meriwether Lewis
Sandy shore with animal prints along the blue Missouri River