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August 2, 1804

At sunset, Oto Indians arrive at Council Bluff north of present Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. The swivel gun is fired, hands are shaken, and Lewis and Clark exchange gifts—tobacco and food for watermelons.

This day one of our Hunters brought me a white Heron. this bird as an inhabitant of ponds and Marasses, and feeds upon tadpoles, frogs, small fish &c—   they are common to the Mississipi and the lower part of the ohio River, (ie) as high as the falls of that river.

Meriwether Lewis
Large white bird with long legs eating a small fish

August 2, 1805

Lewis wades across the shallow Jefferson River as his group hikes ahead of the canoes. They camp north of Waterloo. Behind Lewis, Clark's group pulls the canoes against the rapid Jefferson camping near Whitehall, Montana.

the plain ascends gradually on either side of the river to the bases of two ranges of mountains which ly parrallel to the river and which terminate the width of the vally. the tops of these mountains were yet partially covered with snow while we in the valley.

Meriwether Lewis
Grassy valley with snow on the mountains behind the river

August 2, 1806

Lewis' group spends the day drying out cargo inside Indian lodges near present Horseshoe Bend. Pryor is drifting down the Yellowstone in bull boats. Ahead, a Grizzly attacks Clark's canoes as he nears the confluence with the Missouri.

I proceeded on and encampd a little above the enterance of Jo: Feilds Creek on Stard. Side in a high bottom Covered with low Ash and elm. the Musquetors excessively troublesom.

William Clark
A large pointed island in a smooth, river