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August 1, 1804

At Council Bluff north of present Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, Clark prepares a peace pipe anticipating that the Oto will soon arrive for a council. Two men search for lost horses and others search for the Oto. Neither are found.

the Praries Contain Cheres, Apple, Grapes, Currents, Rasp burry, Gooseberris Hastlenuts and a great Variety of Plants & flours not Common to the U S. What a field for a Botents [botanist] and a natirless [naturalist]

William Clark
Tall-grass prairie with several flowers blooming

August 1, 1805

Clark's group struggles to move the canoes up the swift Jefferson River. They reach the Boulder River. Lewis, Drouillard, Charbonneau, and Gass move ahead in search of the Shoshone and their horses. They camp near present Cardwell, Montana.

after dinner we resumed our march and encamped about 6 m. above on the Stard side of the river.

Meriwether Lewis
Small river flowing through a broad valley

August 1, 1806

The day is wet and rainy. Lewis stops at Indian lodges 15 miles below the Musselshell River to dry his Bighorn sheep skin specimens. On the Yellowstone, Clark must wait for a large herd of Buffalo to cross the river.

not withstanding an island of half a mile in width over which this gangue of Buffalow had to pass and the Chanel of the river on each Side nearly ¼ of a mile in width, this gangue of Buffalow was entirely across and as thick as they could Swim. the Chanel on the Side of the island the went into the river was crouded with those animals for ½ an hour.

William Clark
Painting of a large bison herd crossing the Missouri River