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July 31, 1804

The Expedition waits for the arrival of the Oto nation at Council Bluff north of present Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. Instead of Indians, they are visited by numerous mosquitoes. Srgt Floyd reports that his health has returned.

Cought a Buffalow fish— The evening verry Cool, The Musqutors are yet troublesom.—

William Clark
Drawing of a fish with large scales

July 31, 1805

Gass and Charbonneau travel with Lewis by land, and Clark commandeers the pirogues up the Jefferson River. Camp is near present Sappington, Missouri. Lewis laments their shortage of meat and the men's propensity to waste it.

nothing killed today and our fresh meat is out. when we have a plenty of fresh meat I find it impossible to make the men take any care of it, or use it with the least frugallity. tho' I expect that necessity will shortly teach them this art.

Meriwether Lewis
Blue river in the Jefferson River valley

July 31, 1806

Lewis's crew continues down the Missouri River while Clark's crew continues down the Yellowstone. Srgt Pryor's crew, which was dispatched to take the horses to the Mandan villages, lost all of them to the Indians. They make bullboats.

The rain still continuing I set out early and proceeded on as fast as possible.
the river is still rising and excessively muddy more so I think than I ever saw it.

Meriwether Lewis
Missouri river winding through sagebrush bottoms below a passing storm