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July 27, 1804

At Camp White Fish, Lewis completes his astronomical observations, the boats are loaded, and the Expedition sets out at midday. At their evening camp north of present Omaha, Nebraska, they are tormented by mosquitoes.

Camped in a Bend to the L. Side in a Coops of Trees, a verry agreeable Breeze from the N W. this evening. I Killed a Deer in the Prarie and found the Misquitors So thik & troublesom that it was disagreeable and painfull to Continue a moment Still.

William Clark
Blood engorged mosquito on a human finger

July 27, 1805

Lewis and the men reach the Three Forks of the Missouri where Lewis climbs a limestone hill to survey the land. Clark arrives at the forks in the afternoon tired and ill. The Captains ponder how to continue without horses.

this fork is nearly as large as the North fork & appears to be more rapid, we examined and found no fresh Sign of Indians

William Clark
Shallow stoney river and white limestone cliffs

July 27, 1806

After a skirmish in which at least one Blackfoot is killed, Lewis gallops across the plains towards Decision Point. Gass and Ordway also depart for Decision Point. On the Yellowstone, Clark sees large herds of buffalo and elk.

R Fields as he seized his gun stabed the indian to the heart with his knife    the fellow ran about 15 steps and fell dead

Meriwether Lewis
Painting of Reuben Fields stabbing a Blackfoot Indian