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July 13, 1804

After a stormy evening, favorable winds push the boats over 20 miles against the Missouri River current. The Expedition camps west of present Corning, Missouri. Another storm blows in, and Whitehouse names the location Hurricane Prairie.

In the first bend to the left is Situated a Butifull & extensive plain, Cover'd with Grass resembling Timothy except the Seed which resembles Flax Seed, this plain also abounds in Grapes of defferent Kinds    Some nearly ripe.

William Clark
Tall grass beside a river

July 13, 1805

The six canoes moving the remaining cargo from Upper Portage Camp are stopped by high winds. Lewis travels by land with LePage and Sacagawea. At the canoe making camp near Ulm, they are greeted by swarms of mosquitoes and black flies.

the timber is larger and more abundant in the bottom in which we now are than I have seen it on the Missouri for many hundred miles.

Meriwether Lewis
Cottonwood trees along the Missouri River

July 13, 1806

Lewis unearths several caches at Upper Portage Camp and finds his herbarium collection ruined. At Three Forks, Clark's group takes the horses up the Gallatin River and Ordway's group takes the canoes down the Missouri.

removed above to my old station opposite the upper point of the white bear island.

Meriwether Lewis
Large islands on the Missouri River