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July 12, 1804

The Expedition spends the day at the Missouri and Big Nemaha confluence to rest, wash clothes, and make navigational observations. They also sentence Private Willard with 100 lashes for sleeping on guard duty the previous night.

I got grapes on the banks nearly ripe, observed great quantities, of Grapes, plums Crab apls and a wild Cherry, Growing like a Comn. Wild Cherry only larger & grows on a Small bush, on the side of a clift Sand Stone

William Clark
Purple and immature green grapes hanging on a vine

July 12, 1805

High winds detain the canoes hauling the men and cargo to Clark's Canoe camp near present Ulm, Montana. Lewis dispatches a party led by Sergeant Gass to travel by land. The iron boat is cached at Upper Portage Camp.

Musquetoes extreemly troublesome to me today nor is a large black knat less troublesome, which dose not sting, but attacks the eye in swarms and compells us to brush them off or have our eyes filled with them.

Meriwether Lewis
Small fly on human skin

July 12, 1806

Above the Great Falls, Lewis' party searches for lost horses. After the wind abates, they cross the Missouri in their bull boat and buffalo skin canoe. On the Jefferson River, Clark's canoe is blown into a log and nearly overturns.

a clear morning.

John Ordway
Wide valley bathed in golden light