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July 10, 1804

In the morning, the divided parties unite and continue 10 miles up the Missouri. They observe a large prairie full of Canada wild rye and Indian potato (Apios americana). Camp is across from present White Cloud, Kansas.

at noon we dined on an Island called De Selamen and Delayed 3 hours. proceeded on opposite this Island on the South Side is a beuautiful Bottom prarie which will contain about 2000 acres of Land covered with wild rye and wild potatoes.

John Ordway
Tall grass with large seed head

July 10, 1805

Clark takes a party up the Missouri River where they can make two new canoes. They have difficulty finding suitable cottonwood trees and wood to make handles for their tools. At Upper Portage Camp, Lewis disassembles the iron boat.

late in the afternoon the wind abated a little So we proceeded on within about 3 miles of the upper Camp and halted for the night in a grove of cottonwood    high banks of Sand along this Shore on N. S.    we killed a large rattle Snake near our Camp.—

John Ordway
High sandy bank of the Missouri River above Great Falls

July 10, 1806

Clark takes the canoes and Pryor leads the horses down the Beaverhead River. They camp just before Beaverhead Rock. Lewis is slowed by slippery mud and a Grizzly bear as he travels by horse along the Sun River west of the Great Falls.

the latter part of this course for 7 miles there is no timber in the river bottom, the other parts of the river possesses bottoms of the wide leafed cottonwood.

Meriwether Lewis
Wide river valley with golden grass and cottonwood trees