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July 9, 1804

The Expedition travels in separate groups today. In the evening, the boats camp on opposite sides of the Missouri River near Wolf Creek Bend. When the swivel gun's report is not answered by the other side, a Sioux attacked is feared.

opsd. this Island, and on the L. S. Loup or Wolf River Coms in, this river is about 60 yards Wide, but little water running at the mouth, this river heads with the waters of the Kanzas, and has a perogue navigation Some distance, it abounds with Beaver

William Clark
Historic painting of beavers on the Missouri River

July 9, 1805

Above the Great Falls of the Missouri, the iron boat proves to be light and buoyant in the water. Without pitch or buffalo hides with hair, they cannot prevent it from leaking water. The Captains decide to abandon the boat.

I therefore relinquished all further hope of my favorite boat and ordered her to be sunk in the water, that the skins might become soft in order the better to take her in peices tomorrow and deposite the iron fraim at this place as it could probably be of no further service to us.

Meriwether Lewis
Iron boat frame in weeds

July 9, 1806

After two days apart from Clark, Ordway's party arrives at Camp Fortunate with the missing horses. The cached canoes are prepared for travel. Lewis continues by horse along the Sun River towards the Great Falls of the Missouri.

rose early had the horses brought up. after which I had the Canoes raised washed, brough down and drawn up on Shore to dry and repard.

William Clark
Dugout canoe and barren hills