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July 5, 1804

The Expedition passes high Missouri River banks and an old Kansas Indian village. The boats are turned against the current three times when passing sand bars and driftwood. They camp near present Bluff Woods Conservation Area in Missouri.

The Origan of this old village is uncertain    M. de Bourgmont a French officer who Comdd. a fort near the Town of the Missouris in about the year 1724 and in July of the Same year he visited this Village    at that time the nation was noumerous & well desp osed towards the French

William Clark
Back of an Omaha warrior showing his scalp lock and dance bonnet

July 5, 1805

Lewis sets small fires under the iron boat to dry out its skin covering. Seam sealer is made from charcoal, beeswax, and buffalo tallow. A small group visits the Great Falls and Clark and 12 others pursue a nearby buffalo herd.

The plains in this part of the country are not so fertile as below the entrance of the Cockkle or missel shell river and from thence down the Missouri there is also much more stone on the sides of the hills and on the broken lands than below.—

Meriwether Lewis
Missouri River and plains below the Great Falls

July 5, 1806

Lewis travels 31 miles on horseback up the Blackfoot River valley camping near present Monture Creek. Clark climbs over a high divide to reach Ross' Hole, Montana where they had camped with the Salish (Flathead) the previous year.

6 m. to the entrance of Werner's Creek 35 yds. wide through a high extensive prairie on N. side.    hills low and timbered with the long leafed pine, larch, and some fir.

Meriwether Lewis
Shallow river running though a wide mountain valley