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July 2, 1804

The Expedition sets out early. At noon, they stop to construct a temporary mast so that the keelboat can take advantage of a tailwind. They make 11½ miles and camp opposite an old French trading fort south of present Iatan, Missouri.

we Camped after dark on the S. S. above the Island & opposit the 1st old village of the Kanzes which was Situated in a valley, between two points of high Land, and imediatly on the river bank, back of the village and on a riseing ground at about one mile

William Clark
Wide, forested Missouri River bottom viewed from a hill

July 2, 1805

The last of the heavy cargo is brought to Upper Portage Camp at present Great Falls, Montana. The iron boat frame is assembled and part of its covering is sewed into place. Another group hunts grizzly bears on a nearby island.

after our return, in moving some of the baggage we caught a large rat. I have frequently seen the nests of these rats in clifts of rocks and hollow trees but never before saw one of them.
they feed very much on the fruit and seed of the prickly pear; or at least I have seen large quantities of the hulls of that fruit lying about their holes and in their nests.

Meriwether Lewis
Pack rat nest in a clump of Plains prickly pear

July 2, 1806

At Travelers' Rest, Shields continues repairing guns. One of the Nez Perce guides ceremoniously exchanges names with Lewis. Lewis describes several plants that he had added to the herbarium yesterday.

the Musquetors has been So troublesom day and night Since our arrival in this Vally that we are tormented very much by them and Cant' write except under our Bears.

William Clark
Blood engorged mosquito on a human finger