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July 1, 1804

During the night, the guard challenges an intruding animal or person and the men are prepared for action. In the morning, they continue past Missouri River islands cluttered with driftwood. They camp across from present Leavenworth, Kansas.

we passed a Sand barr in the river which was covered for a mile with Drift wood

John Ordway
Cottonwood logs on the bank of the Missouri River

July 1, 1805

Clark's party spends the day portaging baggage and then rests the men at Upper Portage Camp. Several groups work on the iron boat: sewing the skin cover, setting up the tar works, and collecting wood for lashing.

at 3 P. M. Capt. Clark arrived with the party all very much fortiegued. he brought with him all the baggage except what he had deposited yesterday at the six mile stake, for which the party were too much fortiegued to return this evening. we gave them a dram and suffered them to rest from their labours this evening

Meriwether Lewis
Grassy plains and blue sky

July 1, 1806

At Travelers' Rest near present Lolo, Montana, the Captains detail the final plans to split the party into as many as five different groups. Lewis will explore the Marias River and Clark will explore the Yellowstone River.

all the hunters turned out eairly a hunting    they all returned by noon    had killed in all twelve deer & Some of them large fat bucks.

John Ordway
Clear, shallow stream