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June 30, 1804

The Expedition leaves at first light rowing up the Missouri River. They encounter plenty of game, water fowl, and a large wolf. They pass the Little Platte River and camp south of present Waldron, Missouri.

a verry large wolf Came to the bank and looked at us this morning
passd the (1) mouth of a Small river 10 ms. above the Kanseis Called by the french Petite River Platte (or Shoal river) from the number of falls in it

William Clark
Gray Wolf: dog-like wolf looking directly at the camera

June 30, 1805

At Upper Portage Camp south of present Great Falls, Montana, Lewis renders tallow and supervises the construction of the iron boat. Clark supervises the portage of the last of the cargo. Many men are sore from yesterday's hail.

This evening the bark was shaved and the leather covering for the sections were also completed and I had them put into the water, in order to toughen the bark, and prepare the leather for sewing on the sections in the morning. it has taken 28 Elk skins and 4 Buffaloe skins to complete her. the cross bars are also finished this evening; we have therefore only the way strips now to obtain in order to complete the wood work, and this I fear will be a difficult task.

Meriwether Lewis
Men working on covering the iron boat with skins

June 30, 1806

The Expedition leaves present Lolo Hot Springs and follows the Indian trail on the steep hills above Lolo Creek. Lewis' horse slips causing him to slide 40 feet down the hill. They encamp at Travelers' Rest near present Lolo, Montana.

just as we had prepared to set out at an early hour a deer came in to lick at these springs and one of our hunters killed it; this secured us our dinners

Meriwether Lewis
Young doe drinking from a spring