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June 29, 1804

The Captains finish their navigational measurements at the mouth of the Kansas River. They conduct a Court Martial of Collins and Hall for sneaking whiskey while on guard. They leave in the evening and camp near present Riverside, Missouri.

The Court Convened agreeable to order and proceeded to the trial of the Prisoners Viz John Collins Charged "with getting drunk on his post this morning out of whiskey put under his Charge as a Sentinal and for Suffering Hugh Hall to draw whiskey out of the Said Barrel intended for the party"

William Clark
Small copper cup laying on its side

June 29, 1805

On their way across the portage, Clark's party visits the Great Falls. During a rain and hail storm, Sacajawea and Pomp are nearly swept away by a flash flood in a side stream. On the portage route, the men are bruised from the hail stones.

I continued my rout to the fountain which I found much as Capt. C; had discribed & think it may well be retained on the list of prodegies of this neighbourhood towards which, nature seems to have dealt with a liberal hand

Meriwether Lewis
Yellow-flowering bush and small water fall created by a spring

June 29, 1806

The Expedition descends from the Bitterroot Mountains to present Lolo Creek in Montana. J. Field and Colter are sent back to search for lost horses. The Corps camps at the hot springs on Lolo Creek where they enjoy warm baths.

these warm springs are situated at the base of a hill of no considerable hight on the N side and near the bank of travellers rest creek which at that place is about 10 yards wide.
these springs issue from the bottoms and through the interstices of a grey freestone rock, the rock rises in iregular masy clifts in a circular range arround the springs on their lower side.

Meriwether Lewis
Stream meandering through a forest valley