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June 28, 1804

The Expedition remains at the mouth of the Kansas River in present Kansas City, Missouri. Using a sextant and octant, Lewis determines the latitude. The men unload the boats and dry wet cargo.

Cleaned out the boat    Suned our Powder wollen articles    examined every thing

William Clark
Painting of the Expedition at the confluence of two rivers

June 28, 1805

The last dugout canoe and remaining cargo are hauled up the steep hill above Lower Portage Camp. They continue over the plains 6 miles and camp at present Box Elder Creek. At Upper Portage Camp, the men work on the iron boat.

we Set out with the remaining canoe and baggage took it to the top of the hill three miles.

John Ordway
Painting of Great Falls portage of the Lewis and Clark expedition

June 28, 1806

After gathering stray horses, the Expedition continues along dividing ridges on the Lolo trail. They are guided along a different route than the one they used last fall. They stop after making 13 miles where there is grass for the horses.

our guides took us on a ridge different from that we went last fall, but a better way. about one oClock we halted on the top of a bald mountain on the South Side of which our horses git tollarable feed.

John Ordway
bear grass meadow, steep hill, Bitterroot mountains in background