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June 16, 1804

The men continue pulling the keelboat and two pirogues against a Missouri current consisting of roiling sand. They make 10 miles and camp late in the evening amongst the mosquitoes and ticks near present Waverly, Missouri.

in this plain I discovered a Kind of Grass resembling Timothey which appeared well calculated for Hay, this Plain is verry extensive

William Clark
Tall grass nearly gone to seed

June 16, 1805

On his way to Clark's camp below the planned portage of the Great Falls, Lewis finds a sulfur spring with very clear water. He ferries across the Missouri to join Clark, and he becomes very concerned with Sacagawea's health.

this spring is situated about 200 yards from the Missouri on the N. E. side nearly opposite to the entrance of a large creek; the water is as transparent as possible strongly impregnated with sulpher

Meriwether Lewis
Small pond with very clear water

June 16, 1806

The Expedition is slowed by fallen trees along the Lolo Trail . Snowbanks begin to appear, but there is plenty of exposed grass for the horses. They camp on Hungery Creek at Horsesteak meadow where Clark had shot an Indian horse last fall.

the Snow has increased in quantity So much that the great part of our rout this evening was over the Snow which has become Sufficently firm to bear our horses, otherwise it would have been impossible for us to proceed

William Clark
Snow bank on steep hill