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June 15, 1804

At one point, the current is so strong that oars, sails, and towing must all be employed to move the boats. Submerged logs and the crumbling Missouri River banks add to the danger. They make 12¼ miles to present Malta Bend.

passed thro a very bad part of the river, the wost moveing Sands I ever Saw, the Current So Strong that the Ours and Sales under a Stiff bresse Cld. not Stem it, we wre oblged to use a toe rope, under a bank Constantly falling

William Clark
Keelboat and two pirogues heading up the Missouri River

June 15, 1805

Clark brings the boats to a rapid where he thinks the portage should begin. They set up camp below present Belt Creek. Lewis is fishing and drying meat at the Great Falls. Sacagawea is very ill and refuses the medicine Clark offers.

the Indian woman much wors this evening, She will not take any medison, her husband petetions to return &c., river more rapid

William Clark
Sacajawea laying down with her baby

June 15, 1806

The Expedition leaves Weippe and travels by horse along the Lolo Trail, a route the Nez Perce travel to reach the buffalo in present Montana. After lunch at Pheasant Camp, where Lewis camped last fall, they continue to a small prairie.

we proceeded on…to a Small glade of about 10 acres thickly Covered with grass and quawmash, near a large Creek and encamped.

William Clark
Green meadow, meandering creek, and forest