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June 14, 1804

The Expedition leaves the Grand River on a foggy morning. They meet a group who had been trading for furs with the Pawnee. They struggle to pull and row the boats up the Missouri making only 8 miles. Camp is near present Miami, Missouri.

we Set out eairly from the Grand River, foggy but fair day    we passed a handsome Small prarie on North Side of the River.

John Ordway
Foggy field and forest at the Grand river, Missouri

June 14, 1805

Lewis sends a letter to Clark informing him of the need to find a portage for the boats. While exploring the upper water falls and present Sun River, he is forced into the river by a Grizzly holding no weapon other than his espontoon.

I continued my rout across the point of a hill a few hundred yards further and was again presented by one of the most beatifull objects in nature, a cascade of about fifty feet perpendicular streching at rightangles across the river from side to side to the distance of at least a quarter of a mile.

Meriwether Lewis
Historic photograph of Rainbow Falls, part of the Great Falls of the Missouri River

June 14, 1806

Despite the risk of leaving too early, the Captains decide to leave Weippe prairie for Travelers' Rest. The horses are gathered and everything is made ready. Lewis adds two plants to the herbarium.

we expect to Set out early, and Shall proceed with as much expedition as possible over those Snowey tremendious mountains which has detained us near five weeks in this neighbourhood waiting for the Snows to melt Sufficent for us to pass over them.

William Clark
marsh and prairie with hills behind