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June 12, 1804

While heading up the Missouri River southwest of present Dalton, Missouri, the Expedition meets a contingent of boats led by fur trader Pierre Dorion, Sr. The men exchange their present blankets for Indian style buffalo robes and moccasins.

Met with 7 peirogues. Loaded with peltry for Captn Chatto in St Louis    Our men of Each Craft Exchangd. Blankets for Buffalow Robes & Mockisons

Joseph Whitehouse
Historic paining of a keelboat on the Missouri River

June 12, 1805

Clark navigates the boats up the Missouri reaching present Fort Benton. Lewis hikes over the plains north of the river nearly reaching the Great Falls of the Missouri. In the evening, he tries his hand at fishing.

last night was Clear and Cold, this morning fair we Set out at 8 oClock & proceeded on verry well

William Clark
Missouri river island

June 12, 1806

The mosquitoes at Weippe prairie bother the men waiting for the Bitterroot mountain snows to melt. Lewis adds three more plants to the herbarium.

nothing interesting occurred in the course of this day. our camp is agreeable Situated in a point of timbered land on the eastern borders of an extensive leavel and butifull prarie which is intersected by Several Small branches near the bank of one of which our Camp is placed.

William Clark
Blue blooms in a large meadow