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June 11, 1804

The winds northeast of present Gilliam, Missouri make steering the boats impossible so the Expedition uses the day to dry their wet cargo. Clark has a bad cold. The hunters kill two deer and two bear which are made into jerky.

we had the meat Jurked and also the Venison, which is a Constant Practice to have all the fresh meat not used, Dried in this way.

William Clark
Dried strips of elk on a tin plate

June 11, 1805

Lewis scouts ahead, but when stomach pains prevent him from eating his fresh killed elk, he stops for the day near present Fort Benton. Goodrich uses the time to fish. Clark continues to bury unneeded cargo at the Marias River.

at 8 A. M. I swung my pack, and set forward with my little party. proceeded to the point where Rose River a branch Maria's River approaches the Missouri so nearly.

Meriwether Lewis
Barren ridge reflected on calm Missouri River water

June 11, 1806

The Expedition continues at Weippe prairie waiting for mountain snows to melt. Game becomes so scarce that the hunters must go on longer, overnight trips. Lewis describes the Camas plant and how the Nez Perce harvest and cook the bulbs.

As I have had frequent occasion to mention the plant which the Choppunish call quawmash I shall here give a more particular discription of that plant
the corolla consists of six long oval, obtusly pointed skye blue or water coloured petals, each about 1 inch in length; the corolla is regular as to the form and size of the petals but irregular as to their position

Meriwether Lewis
Blue camas bloom