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June 5, 1804

The Expedition struggles to move the boats past sandbars and channels clogged with driftwood. They make 12½ miles camping south of present Lupus, Missouri. York gathers cress to supplement their diet.

here my Servent York Swam to the Sand bar to geather greens for our Dinner and returnd with a Sufficent quantity wild Creases [Cresses] or Teng [Tongue] grass

William Clark
Low plant with large green leaves

June 5, 1805

Clark turns back towards the Marias River mouth and camps on the Teton River near present Fort Benton, Montana. Lewis continues exploring the Marias River. At the main camp, the men make leather and catch several catfish.

I discovered a lofty single mountain which appeard to be at a great distance, perhaps 80 or more miles    it boar N. 52 W.    from it's conic figure I called it tower Mountain.

Meriwether Lewis
Range of mountains with two conical peaks

June 5, 1806

At Camp Choppunish, both Jean Baptiste and the old Nez Perce chief continue to respond favorably to their respective treatments. Lewis describes the local grasses, and he adds two plants to the herbarium.

the Child is revovereing fast. I applied a plaster of Sarve made of the Rozen of the long leafed pine, Beas wax and Beare oil mixed, which has Subsided the inflomation entirely, the part is Considerably Swelled and hard—.

William Clark
Grassy shore, Clearwater river, early morning light