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May 30, 1804

The crew of the pirogue waiting for Whitehouse at the Gasconade River fires shots to guide him. They join the main party during the night. In the morning, the entire Expedition travels 14 miles camping near present Mokane, Missouri.

the Soil is good the timber is Cotton-wood Secamore hickery & white walnut &.C. Some Grape vines Rushes &.C—came about 14 miles    encamped at Grind Stone Creek or Panther Cr.

John Ordway
Blossoming grape flower

May 30, 1805

The wind and rain cause a late start. As they tow the pirogues, the men slip on the wet banks. They make only 8 miles reaching the start of the White Cliffs area of the Missouri River Breaks.

This morning we had the weather Cloudy and Rainey; & the wind blowing hard from the North west, We delayed setting off till 10 oClock A. M. the weather still being very disagreeable, & bad to Tow the Crafts; we then proceeded on our Voyage, and passed a white strait range of Clifts, lying on the South side of the River

Joseph Whitehouse
White cliffs on a stormy day

May 30, 1806

At Long Camp, Shannon and Collins upset the canoe while crossing the Clearwater River. They lose 3 blankets and a blanket coat. Ordway is at a Nez Perce village on the Snake River trading for salmon.

a number of [Indians?] left this eairly with nearly all the Salmon which was caught so we had to wait here to day expecting to git some Salmon    the natives roasted an other Salmon & Set before us to eat.    in the afternoon we purchased as many Salmon as we thought was necessary to take home and hung them up

John Ordway
Large river running through steep hills