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May 29, 1804

The Expedition spends most of the day at the mouth of the Gasconade River drying goods and waiting for Whitehouse to return from hunting. At 5 pm, they travel 3 miles upriver, without Whitehouse, camping near present Morrison, Missouri.

had the Perogues loaded and all perpared to Set out at 4 oClock after finishing the observations & all things necessary    found that one of the hunters had not returned, we deturmined to proceed on & leave one perogue to wate for him, accordingly at half past four we Set out and came on 4 miles & camped on the Lbd Side above a Small Creek Called Deer Creek, Soon after we came to we heard Several guns fire down the river, we answered them by a Discharge of a Swivile on the Bow

William Clark
Small cannon

May 29, 1805

During the night, a buffalo tramples through their encampment near the Judith River. In the morning, they continue up the Missouri passing an area with many rotting buffalo carcasses. They camp near present Arrow Creek.

This morning we set out at an early hour and proceded as usual by the Chord.

Meriwether Lewis
Moon shining on the Missouri River

May 29, 1806

Ordway climbs a steep ridge from the Salmon River and descends to a Nez Perce village that is catching salmon on the Snake River. Jean Baptiste, Bratton, and the old Chief continue to improve. Lewis adds four plants to the herbarium.

our chief told us to set down and not go in the lodge untill we were invited    so we did at length they invited us in.    spread robes for us to sit on and Set a roasted Salmon before us and Some of their white bread which they call uppah. we eat hearty of this fat fish but did not eat ¼ of it.

John Ordway
Bench above the Snake River and Wapshilla Creek