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May 24, 1804

The men struggle against hard currents and shifting sands. The keelboat grounds on sand and its tow rope breaks. At one point they must head down the Missouri 2 miles and try again. They name today's camp Retrograde Bend.

The Swiftness of the Current wheeled the boat, Broke our Toe rope, and was nearly over Setting the boat, all hand Jumped out on the upper Side and bore on that Side untill the Sand washed from under the boat and wheeled on the next bank && by the time She wheeled a 3rd Time got a rope fast to her Stern and by the means of Swimmers was Carred to Shore and when her Stern was down whilst in the act of Swinging a third time into Deep water near the Shore

William Clark
Painting of a keelboat and two pirogues on the shore of the Missouri River

May 24, 1805

After an icy morning, a tail wind enables the Expedition to sail 25 miles up the Missouri. The cottonwood trees lose their leaves from the recent frosts. Game becomes harder to find. They camp west of the US Highway 191 bridge in Montana.

a Cold night the water in the Small vestles frosed 1/8 of an inch thick, and the thermometer Stood this morning at the freesing point. we Set out at an early hour and proceeded on

William Clark
Rain storm passing over the Missouri River in the early morning

May 24, 1806

At Long Camp, the Captains attend to medical needs. Bratton, barely able to walk, is treated with sweats and horse mint tea. Jean Baptiste's swelling increases while his fever is reduced. An old Nez Perce chief is also treated.

The child was very restless last night its jaw and the back of its neck are much more Swelled than it was yesterday.
I gave it a dost of Creme of Tartar and applyed a fresh Poltice of Onions.

William Clark

this day has proved warmer than any of the preceeding since we have arrived here.—

Meriwether Lewis
Large view of Kamiah Valley from Adams Grade on a sunny day