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May 23, 1804

The Expedition continues up the river delaying to clear a snag and to visit with locals. They also visit Tavern Cave, a stopping place popular with river travelers. They camp near present Saint Albans, Missouri.

halted at an endented part of a Rock which juted over the water, Called by the french the tavern which is a Cave 40 yds. long with the river 4 feet Deep & about 20 feet high, this is a place the India[ns; hole in paper] & french Pay omage to, many names are wrote up on the rock Mine among others

William Clark
Small cave in sandstone rock

May 23, 1805

The morning is icy as the Expedition continues up the Missouri River. The mosquitos are bothersome. Clark walks on shore and sees the Little Rocky Mountains in the distance. They camp east of present James Kipp Recreation Area.

a Mountain which appears to be 60 or 70 miles long bearing E. & W. is about 25 miles distant from this river on the Stard Side.

John Ordway
Distant mountain range-the Little Rockies

May 23, 1806

While waiting for mountain snow to melt at Long Camp, game becomes scarce. Seaman chases a wounded deer, and Jean Baptiste is treated with cream of tartar—a diuretic and laxative.

The Child is Something better this morning than it was last night.
we apply a fresh poltice of the wild Onion which we repeeted twice in the Course of the day.
Our hunters brought us a large hooting owl which differ from those of the atlantic States.

William Clark
Great grey owl magically hovering in air