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May 22, 1804

After a very rainy night, the Expedition sets out at 6 am. They struggle against the current making about 18 miles and camp below Tavern Cave. Some Kickapoo present 4 deer for which they receive 2 quarts of whiskey in return.

This Day we passed Several Islands, and Some high lands on the Starboard Side, Verry hard water.

William Clark

We continued our voyage; passed Bonum creek on the south side, and having made fifteen miles, encamped at the Cliffs on the north side of the river.

Patrick Gass
Painting of a keelboat and two pirogues heading up the Missouri River

May 22, 1805

The Expedition waits until 10 am for morning winds to subside. They tow the pirogues up the Missouri River traveling 16½ miles and camp west of present UL Bend NWR in Montana.

passed the entrance of grows Creek 20 yds wide, affords but little water. this creek we named from seeing a number of the pointed tail praire hen near it's mouth

Meriwether Lewis
Grouse with brown and tan feathers

May 22, 1806

The hunters report that there is no way to get to the Weippe Prairie. Camp will need to remain across from present Kamiah, Idaho. Men visit nearby Nez Perce villages to trade for food, and Jean Baptiste is very sick.

Shabonoes Son a Small child is, dangerously ill. his jaw and throat is much Swelled.
we apply a poltice of Onions. after giveing him Some creem of tarter &c.
this Creek which Cannot be passed owing to it's debth & rapidity is a great beariore in our way to the best hunting Country.

William Clark
Large creek at flood stage