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May 18, 1804

The Expedition continues another day at St. Charles waiting for Captain Lewis to arrive from St. Louis. Clark shifts the keelboat's load to place more weight in the back. Two keelboats from Kentucky arrive.

recved of Mr. Lyon 136 lb. Tobacco on act. of Mr. Choteau Gave out tin Cups & 3 Knives to the French hands

William Clark
3 trade knives circa 1800

May 18, 1805

The Expedition tows the boats 21 miles up the Missouri River camping southwest of the present Fourchette Creek Recreation Area in Montana. As they near mountains, the river becomes clearer and has more gravel in its bottom and shores.

the Missourie is gitting clear and gravelly bottom, & Shore

John Ordway
Rocky Missouri River shore

May 18, 1806

At Camp Choppunish, the hunters and gatherers continue laying in a store of meat and roots for their trip over the Rocky mountains. Nez Perce with soar eyes and various aches are treated by the Captains.

the air was extreemly cold and disagreeable and we lay in the water as the preceeding night—

Meriwether Lewis

LaPage took a Salmon from an Eagle at a Short distance below our Camp.

William Clark
Juvenile Bald eagle with salmon