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May 16, 1804

The Expedition continues up the Missouri River to St. Charles, an early French settlement. Many of its citizens come out to see the event.

arrived at St. Charles at 2 oClock P. M.    one gun fired, a great nomber of French people Come to See the Boat &C— this place is an old French Settlement & Roman Catholick. Some Americans Settled in the country around

John Ordway
Small village on the Missouri River circa 1806

May 16, 1805

The Expedition delays to finish drying the items made wet when the white pirogue capsized. They leave in the late afternoon, and travel seven miles up the Missouri. They name their camp, which has several old Indian lodges, Panther Camp.

in the early part of the day two of our men fired on a panther, a little below our encampment, and wounded it; they informed us that it was very large, had just killed a deer partly devoured it, and in the act of concealing the ballance as they discovered him.

Meriwether Lewis
Large tan cat like animal, the cougar

May 16, 1806

At Long Camp at present Kamiah, Idaho, the hunters begin exploring the country between the Clearwater River and Lolo Creek. Sacagawea gathers Yampah roots. Lewis finds these roots and the local onions tasty and nutritious.

Shabonos Squar gatherd a quantity of fenel roots which we find very paleatiable and nurishing food.
Shannon killed one deer he brought in. this deer being the only animal they Could kill.

William Clark
Gairdner's yampah, plant with small, white umbels