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May 15, 1804

The Expedition sails and rows up the Missouri River to a landing below St. Charles, Missouri. The keelboat, heavily loaded in its front, grounds on submerged logs three times. Provisions stored on its deck become wet from the rain.

Rainey mornig    fair wind the Later part of the day    Sailed som and encamped on the N. side

Charles Floyd
Stern end of a keelboat

May 15, 1805

The Expedition remains at their camp several miles above present Snow Creek, Montana to dry the items made wet when the white pirogue capsized yesterday. The men hunt and make leather from skins.

Stayed here all day & dressed Skins &c.

Joseph Whitehouse
White hide

May 15, 1806

The Expedition continues to set up an encampment on the Clearwater River across from present Kamiah, Idaho. They erect a shelter to keep the baggage dry. While searching for his horse, Reubin Field sees a white Grizzly.

we had all our baggage Secured and Covered with a rouf of Straw.
as the days are worm &c. we have a bowry made to write under

William Clark
Sunrise and low clouds on Clearwater River