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May 8, 1804

The keelboat is loaded and taken for a test run a few miles up the Mississippi River. At the confluence with the Missouri River, Clark practices taking compass bearings.

after Loading the Boat maned her with 20 oares & went the middle of the river & up the Mississippi a fiew miles

William Clark
Large wooden keel boat with full sail

May 8, 1805

The Expedition travels 28 miles passing the Milk River and camping above present Fort Peck Dam. Lewis describes two edible roots, Wild licorice and Breadroot, collected by Sacagawea.

I took the advantage of this leasure moment and examined the river about 3 miles; I found it generally 150 yards wide, and in some places 200. it is deep, gentle in it's courant and affords a large boddy of water; it's banks which are formed of a dark rich loam and blue clay are abbrupt and about 12 feet high.

Meriwether Lewis
Muddy river which recently overflowed

May 8, 1806

After delaying to hunt, the Expedition climbs up to the Camas prairie in the late afternoon and camps. Lewis describes how the Nez Perce gather food from trees. The Twisted Hair, Cut Nose, and Broken Arm argue over the Corps' horses.

we are informed that the natives in this quarter were much distressed for food in the course of the last winter; they were compelled to collect the moss which grows on the pine which they boiled and eat;

Meriwether Lewis
Tangled mess of small brown strings