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May 6, 1804

The men engage in shooting contests with several of the people residing in the Wood River area. As Clark tells it, the men of the Expedition are very good shooters.

Several of the Countrey people In Camp Shooting with the party    all git beet and Lose their money    a fair Da

William Clark
Muskets circa 1800

May 6, 1805

The morning is fine and the day fair. The Expedition passes several large, but dry creeks. They make 25 miles up the Missouri River camping near present Oswego, Montana.

a fine morning

William Clark
Missouri river with rocky shoreline on a foggy morning

May 6, 1806

Clark receives a young horse as payment for medical services which they kill and butcher. They continue up the north shore of the Clearwater River camping near present Pine Creek. They spot a Fort Mandan war axe obtained by Indian trade.

The timber of this river which consists principally of the long leafed pine commences about 2 miles below our present camp on Colter's Creek.

Meriwether Lewis
Clearwater River, small pine trees, and storm clouds