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April 26, 1804

Mr. Hay, a fur trader, merchant, and postmaster from nearby Cahokia, arrives for a 3-day visit at the winter camp on the Wood River.

Mr. Hay arrived, river falls

William Clark
Historical reenactor wearing military fatigues

April 26, 1805

Shields is sent up the Yellowstone (Roche Juane) River to explore. Lewis heads down the Yellowstone to explore that river's confluence with the Missouri. Joining Clark and the pirogues, they all camp near the confluence.

At the distance of five miles he passed a large Island well covered with timber, and three miles higher a large creek falls in on the S. E. side above a high bluff in which there are several stratas of coal. the country bordering on this river as far as he could percieve, like that of the Missouri, consisted of open plains.

Meriwether Lewis
Muddy river, a high bluff, and wide open prairie

April 26, 1806

The Corps continues up the Columbia River reaching the low plains around present Plymouth, Washington. The trail is dusty and crowded with Indians traveling in the same direction. An Indian boy catches several Columbia River chub.

This morning early we set forward and at the distance of three miles entered a low level plain country of great extent. here the river hills are low and receede a great distance from the river this low country commence on the S. side of the river about 10 miles below our encampment of last evening.

Meriwether Lewis
Large, flat island in the Columbia River