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April 17, 1804

Moses Reed returns from St. Louis with letters from Colonel Anderson. Clark sends 4 men to find a horse for Captain Lewis without success. Other duties include making a mast, sewing an awning, and packing provisions in kegs.

Completed packing fifty Kegs of Pork, & roled & filled them with brine, also packed one Bar: Meal, & one bu Parched of an inferior quality. (out of the bag 10$

William Clark
Bowl of parched corn and a small oak barrel

April 17, 1805

With a fair morning and a favorable wind, the Expedition travels 26 miles up the Missouri camping in present McKenzie County, North Dakota. They see numerous bison, elk, and antelope, but the two bison they shot were lean and poor.

I walked on the S. S. Saw great numbs. of Buffalow feeding in the Plains at a distance

William Clark
Herd of buffalo scatteredon the grassy hills in spring

April 17, 1806

At Fort Rock near present The Dalles, Oregon, Lewis adds several plants to the Herbarium. Clark remains in a village on the north shore trading. After nearly giving up, he manages to trade for three horses.

I made a bargin with the Chief for 2 horses, about an hour after he canseled the bargin I then packed up the articles and was about Setting out for the Village above when a man Came and Sold me two horses, and another man Sold me one horse, and Several others informed me that they would trade with me if I would Continue untill their horses could be drove up.

William Clark
Gray appaloosa horse