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April 16, 1804

The men continue to prepare for their journey up the Missouri River. Several men were confined due to drunkenness. Clark makes a packing list.

Packed away
1 Keg of Hogs Lard
1 bag of Coffee 50 w
2 do Sugar—
1 do Beens—
7 bags of Biscuit
4 Barrels of Biscuit
1 Bag Candle wick
2 Boxes of candles
" one part Soap
44 Kegs of Pork packed w. 3115
6 Half barrels of pork do w 590

William Clark
Biscuit and candles

April 16, 1805

Lewis, traveling with the boats finds petrified wood on the Missouri River shores and ponders its source. Clark, walking the shores, kills a pronghorn. They camp across from Beaver Creek about 13 miles north of Keene, North Dakota.

immediately on the river there are many fine leavel extensive and extreemly fertile high plains and meadows. I think the quantity of timbered land on the river is increasing.

Meriwether Lewis
Small backwater and low plains above the Missouri River

April 16, 1806

While stationed at Rock Fort at present The Dalles, Oregon, men are sent to Indian villages to invite them to trade for horses. On the north shore, Clark's party socializes at an Indian village so that they can trade with them tomorrow.

about 8 oClock this morning I passed the river with the two interpreters, and nine men in order to trade with the nativs for their horses, for which purpose I took with me a good part of our Stock of merchindize.

William Clark
Historic photo of The Dalles