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April 15, 1804

At Camp River Dubois, Clark pays Mrs. Cane for her services as washerwoman and seamstress. A boat heading up the Mississippi River passes by camp. Several men hunt or practice shooting.

a fair morning    Sent out Shields with McLain to the head of Wood River.
Some Shooting at a mark

William Clark
A musket being fired at Fort Clatsop

April 15, 1805

Clark commands the boats up the Missouri River making about 22 miles. Lewis walks on the shore and observes fertile plains, salty creeks, several Sharp-tailed grouse, and Indian encampments. Clark nearly gets a shot at a grizzly bear.

after brackfast I walked on Shore and assended to the high Countrey on the S. S. and off from the Missouri about three miles    the countrey is butifull open fertile plain the dreans take theer rise near the Clifts of the river and run from the river in a N E derection as far as I could See

William Clark
Grassy plain above the Missouri River

April 15, 1806

The Expedition continues canoeing up the Columbia River. Along the way, they unsuccessfully barter for horses. After inspecting graves on Memaloose island, they set up Fort Rock camp at present The Dalles, Oregon.

most of them returned to their villages this evening three only remained with us all night.

Meriwether Lewis

at 3 in the evening we arivied….and Encamped at the place we had Called rock fort Camp

William Clark
Historic photo of high rocks on Columbia River shore