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April 14, 1804

Moses Reed is sent to St. Louis with a letter and gun locks that need repaired. At winter camp on the present Wood River, Illinois, Captain Clark continues packing provisions.

I had finished off and packed up to day in part of my Store of Provisions—

William Clark
Bales, kegs, and crates in a log fort storeroom

April 14, 1805

The Expedition sets out early and travels 14 miles to Bear Den Creek. Charbonneau says they have passed the highest point on the river that any white men have traveled. Clark sees two Grizzly bear fleeing from the sound of Lewis' rifle.

a fine morning, a dog came to us this morning we Suppose him to be left by the Inds. who had their camps near the Lake we passd. yesterday not long Sence

William Clark
Historic photo looking up the Missouri River

April 14, 1806

As they canoe up the Columbia River Gorge past present Hood River, the climate changes from wet to dry. They see a drowned forest, women and children gathering roots, and views of Mt. Hood. Lewis adds four plants to his herbarium.

the river is from ½ to ¾ of a Mile in wedth, and possesses but little Current.
Labiech's river which heads in Mt. Hood and like the quick Sand River brings down from thence Vast bodies of Sand

William Clark
Historic Photo of Mitchell Point