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April 11, 1804

The Captains continue working in St. Louis to prepare for their journey up the Missouri River. Across the Mississippi River, Sergeant Ordway is in charge of the men at their winter camp on the Wood River.

attending to Sunderey Stores &c

William Clark
Crates, a bales, a keg, and an officer's coat

April 11, 1805

The day is hot as the men work the pirogues and canoes 19 miles against the Missouri current. Lewis examines the salts along the shore. Clark finds the coal on the hillsides does not burn well. Camp is below the Little Missouri River.

we halted at two P. M. and made a comfortable dinner on a venison stake and beavers tales with the bisquit which got wet on the 8th inst. by the accidant of the canoe filling with water before mentioned.

Meriwether Lewis
Cooked strips of meat and fried biscuits

April 11, 1806

Struggling past the Cascades of the Columbia, the men carry or tow the empty canoes. Indians attempt to steal tools, and when they almost succeed in taking Lewis' dog, Seaman, Lewis demands his return with a threat of death.

with great dificuelty and much fatigue we drew up 4 of our canoes above the Rapids 3 miles in extent.
the men became So fatigued that we deturmined to puspone takeing the 5th Canoe untill tomorrow.

William Clark
Historic photo of the upper cascades of the Columbia River