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March 26, 1804

While visiting Indian camps, Clark finds Simon Girty, a well-known and commonly hated loyalist during the American Revolution. The men continue to prepare for their journey by making corn meal and working on the keelboat.

visit the Indian Camps, In one Camp found 3 Squars & 3 young ones, another 1 girl & a boy    in a 3rd Simon Girtey & two other familey—    Girtey has the Rhumertism verry bad

William Clark
Historical drawing a Revolutionary War soldier

March 26, 1805

The men avoid the hazards of the repeated damming and breaking up of ice dams on the Missouri River and bring the new canoes safely to Fort Mandan.

Several men went for the perogues. about 2 oClock they returned with the perogues, but before they had landed the Ice Started So that we had to draw them out with Speed we halled 4 of them had not got down to the Fort but they took them on Shore So that took no Injury. all hands turned out and took them on the Bank of the River and carried one down to the Fort.

John Ordway
Two dugout canoes, one full of water

March 26, 1806

The Expedition continues up the Columbia River reaching the islands below present Longview, Washington. The hunters bring in bald and golden eagles for Lewis to examine. He also adds 3 plants to the herbarium.

we continued our rout after dinner untill late in the evening and encamped on the next island above fanny's Island.

Meriwether Lewis
Large bottom on the left and an island in the middle of the river