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March 23, 1804

The man sent to the Kickapoo brings a letter to from Franç Saucier to the Captains at Camp River Dubois. The letter says that the Kickapoo who were previously threatening war with the Osages had gone home.

the man returned, with a Lette from Mr. [Souier?] the Comdr. of Passage Desous, informing me that the Kickapoos has gone home

William Clark
Historic photo of an indian in trade clothes with a headdress of  two large bald eagle feathers

March 23, 1805

The fur traders and Indians who had spent the night at Fort Mandan leave. A Minataree Indian arrives and the Captains record the vocabulary of his language.

we were visited by a Brother of the Burnia who gave us a Vocabulary of his Language—  the Coal & many other Mandans also visit us to Day.

William Clark
A Minnetaree in full regalia

March 23, 1806

Despite the bad weather, the Expedition loads the canoes and paddles up the shoreline of the Columbia River. They manage high waves to get around Tongue Point and then camp at today's John Day River.

the rained Seased and it became fair about Meridean
we loaded our canoes & at 1 P.M. left Fort Clatsop on our homeward bound journey.

William Clark
Sun breaking through clouds over Columbia River