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March 16, 1804

The expedition continues to wait at their winter camp expecting that they will soon travel up the Missouri River. The Weather Diary has the only extant journal entries or notes for this day.

day of
at Sun
weather wind Therm
at 4
weather wind r.
& f.
16 6 a 0 f E 48 a 0 f SSW r   11

William Clark
Mandan War Whistle

March 16, 1805

Joseph Garreau, considered to be the first white settler in North Dakota, describes how the Arikara make beads. Whitehouse strikes an Indian's hand with a spoon for behaving badly.

Cloudy & warm    two men employed halling corn. the wind high from the East. look likely for rain.—

John Ordway
Brightly colored corn on the cob

March 16, 1806

Drouillard continues to stay with the Cathlamet as he attempts a trade for 2 canoes. At Fort Clatsop, the men tan elk skins and sew coats from blanket cloth.

two handkerchiefs would now contain all the small articles of merchandize which we possess
on this stock we have wholy to depend for the purchase of horses and such portion of our subsistence from the Indians

Meriwether Lewis
Front of Jefferson peace medal