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March 15, 1804

The activities at the expedition's winter camp can only be imagined because no journals other than the Weather Diary exist for this day.

day of
at Sun
weather wind Therm
at 4
weather wind r.
& f.
15 2 a 0 c&s N W 48 a 0 r.a.s. N E r   5

William Clark
Jefferson Peace Medals

March 15, 1805

Today is so clear and warm at Fort Mandan that Clark has the goods and corn meal set out to air. The men continue preparing their corn so that they can take it with them as they travel up the Missouri River.

clear pleasant and warm. all the Indian Goods put out to air. Some men employed Shelling corn.

John Ordway
Blue beads, navy blue linen, and a gray wool blanket

March 15, 1806

The Captains continue to barter for Chinook canoes without success. Several are busy hunting and gathering meat. Lewis describes the White-fronted goose, which is new to science.

the sorrel with an oval, obtuse and ternate leaf has now put forth it's leaves. some of them have nearly obtained their growth already.

Meriwether Lewis
Patch of green sorrel with a few small white blossoms