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March 13, 1804

The expedition spends another day preparing for their departure from Camp River Dubois. The Weather Diary represents the only extant journal entries or notes for this day.

day of
at Sun
weather wind Therm
at 4
weather wind r.
& f.
13 16 a 0 f N W 20 a 0 f N W f   1 ½

William Clark
Red clay pipe bowl and stem

March 13, 1805

The Fort Mandan blacksmiths are overwhelmed with orders for war axes from the Indians. A clerk from the North West Company, McKenzie, visits.

maney Inds. here to day all anxiety for war axes    the Smiths have not an hour of Idle time to Spear

William Clark
Head of an old axe in the Hudson's Bay style

March 13, 1806

Drouillard is sent to purchase 2 Clatsop canoes. Hunters return with some success. Whitehouse attempts to trade with the Cathlamet up the Columbia River, but he is turned back by high winds. Lewis adds three plants to the herbarium.

we sent Drewyer down to the Clatsop village to purchase a couple of their canoes if possible.
while engaged in surching for the perogue Collins one of his party killed two Elk near the Netul below us.

Meriwether Lewis
Replica of a Chinook canoe