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March 12, 1804

The Weather Diary represents the only extant journal entries or notes for this day as the expedition continues to wait for the day they can leave Camp River Dubois and travel up the Missouri River.

day of
at Sun
weather wind Therm
at 4
weather wind r.
& f.
12 22 a 0 f N E 24 a 0 f N E R   1 ½

William Clark
Plains Indian war club

March 12, 1805

Charbonneau negotiates better conditions for his employment as interpreter but his demands are unmet, and he is let go. Two men travel to the Gros Ventre villages to trade for tobacco with fur traders staying there.

our Interpeter Shabonah, detumins on not proceeding with us as an interpeter under the terms mentioned yesterday he will not agree to work let our Situation be what it may not Stand a guard, and if miffed with any man he wishes to return when he pleases, also have the disposial of as much provisions as he Chuses to Carrye.
in admissable and we Suffer him to be off the engagement which was only virbal

William Clark
Painting of an interpreter who possibly could be Toussaint Charbonneau

March 12, 1806

The pirogues are corked and pitched and new are paddles shaped as the men prepare to leave Fort Clatsop. One pirogue is still missing. The Captains write about the golden eagle, bats, steelhead, and several fish.

there is a Specis of water Lizzard of which I only Saw one just above the grand rapid of the Columbia.
it is about 9 inches long the body is reather flat and about the Size of a mans finger, covered with a Soft Skin of dark brown Colour with an uneaven sufice covered with little pimples
the belly and under part of the neck and head were of a Brick red every other part of the colour of the upper part of the body are dark brown.
the mouth was Smooth without teeth.

William Clark
Long skinny reptile with shiny wet skin