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March 11, 1804

The expedition continues to wait until they can journey up the Missouri River. The Weather Diary contains the only extant journal entries or notes for this day.

day of
at Sun
weather wind Therm
at 4
weather wind r.
& f.
11 20 a 0 f E 38 a 0 fo S W f   2 ½

William Clark
Lead balls and shot making tools

March 11, 1805

Charbonneau decides to quit the expedition, and the Captains worry that they will no longer have his wife, Sacagawea, to interpret with the Shoshone.

We have every reason to believe that our Menetarre interpeter, (whome we intended to take with his wife, as an interpeter through his wife to the Snake Indians of which nation She is) has been Corupted by the [blank] Companeys &c. Some explenation has taken place which Clearly proves to us the fact, we give him to night to reflect and deturmin whether or not he intends to go with us under the regulations Stated.

William Clark
Painting of an interpreter who possibly could be Toussaint Charbonneau

March 11, 1806

Srgt Pryor arrives at Fort Clatsop in a borrowed canoe having successfully traded for fresh fish with Indians living up the Columbia River. Srgt Gass leads a party in search of a canoe that went adrift. Lewis describes several reptiles.

Sergt. Pryor arrived with a small canoe loaded with fish which he had obtained from the Cathlahmah's
The dogs at the Cathlahmahs had bitten the trong asunder which confined his canoe and she had gone a drift.

Meriwether Lewis
Replica of Chinook canoe with a small basket of fish, paddles, and two weights